Jeremy Cunningham

Jeremy Cunningham is a drummer, composer, and improviser living in Chicago, IL.  He plays drums.  Jazz, Music, Drum, Drummer.  Marquis Hill, Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson, Dave Miller.  Constellation, Andy's, Jazz Showcase.  Caroline Davis.  Uncanned Music

Best of Jazz 2016-Jakob Baekgaard

Jakob Baekgaard included my debut album on his best of jazz list!  Im humbled, and very grateful.  Close friend Jeff Parker's excellent album, The New Breed, is on the list as well!


LA Times Honorable Mention

re;dawn (from far) garnered an honorable mention in the LA Times Best of Jazz 2016 List!  Im honored to say the least.  Jeff Parker, among others topped the list, and deservedly so.  Jeff's record, The New Breed, has been in constant rotation in my car's CD player.    

Here's the whole article:

A kind and thoughtful album review by Jakob Baekgaard

Jakob Baekgaard wrote a very kind review of re: dawn (from far) for All About Jazz.  He had this to say about the band:

"re: dawn (from far) is a strong debut from Cunningham and one can only hope that he will be able to keep this group together. They have something special going on. They play a type of modern jazz that is both emotional and intellectual, traditional and modern. In the hands of these musicians, the future of jazz is safe and sound."

Read the full review here.

Howard Reich Preview

Local jazz critic and journalist, Howard Reich, had this to say as a preview of my shows at Andy's Jazz Club last weekend:

"Cunningham has proved himself a nimble and versatile figure in a variety of mainstream and cutting-edge jazz ensembles, the Chicago drummer perhaps best known for his collaborations with trumpeter Marquis Hill. But Cunningham also has been forging a musical identity of his own, having recently made his debut as bandleader with "Re: Dawn (From Far)," in which he collaborates with saxophonist Josh Johnson, guitarist Jeff Parker and bassist Matt Ulery. This engagement amounts to a celebration of that release."

Album Release Show

Im very happy to announce that my band will be playing two sets at the famed Hungry Brain on June 19th in Chicago.  We will perform most of the songs on the record with a few new songs from myself and various members of the band.  Dustin Laurenzi will be joining us a special guest throughout the night, and Matt Gold will be filling in for Jeff on guitar.  Come celebrate with us!

Fall Tour!!!

I'm very excited to announce the Fall tour dates for my quartet:

Oct 28 California Clipper  Chicago IL

29th Urban Artifact Cincinnati,OH

(30th Masterclass: Jeff and Jeremy duo at Urban Artifact 12pm) 

30th Dreamland Louisville, KY

31st Cliff Bells Detroit, MI

Nov 1st Casa del Popolo Montreal, QC

2nd Tranzac Club Toronto, ON

3rd Nighttown Cleveland, OH


On this tour I will be joined by Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson, and John Tate.  We are all very excited to take this music throughout the midwest and north into Canada!  Hope to see you out!





Chicago Jazz Festival

      I am honored and excited to announce that my quartet will perform at this year's Chicago Jazz Festival!  My aunt Cynthia moved to Chicago from our hometown of Cincinnati when I was 6 years old, and shortly after, my family began attending the Chicago Jazz Festival.  One of the concerts I remember most is Wayne Shorter performing his compositions arranged for a large ensemble of Chicago musicians.  I remember the colorful sounds that Wayne sent soaring into the air during his solos.  Sitting on the lawn in front of the Petrillo Band Shell with my family, I tried to soak in all the textures of sound.  

     The Chicago Jazz Festival has always been something I've looked forward to throughout the summer.  I hope you will join me and my fellow bandmates at this year's Fest!