Jeremy Cunningham

Jeremy Cunningham is a drummer, composer, and improviser living in Chicago, IL.  He plays drums.  Jazz, Music, Drum, Drummer.  Marquis Hill, Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson, Dave Miller.  Constellation, Andy's, Jazz Showcase.  Caroline Davis.  Uncanned Music


Jeremy Cunningham is a drummer, composer, and improviser. Originally from Cincinnati, he moved to Chicago in 2009, where he currently performs and composes as an integral part of the city’s vibrant music scene. 

His forthcoming album focuses on the loss of his brother Andrew to gun violence.  Working closely with cohorts Jeff Parker, Paul Bryan, and Josh Johnson, this new work confronts the tragedy of violence and examines the acute ripple effect on several people's lives through the lens of memory, response, and collage.  Cunningham formed a drum choir for several compositions with close mentors and colleagues  Mike Reed, Makaya McCraven, and Mikel Patrick Avery in order to to further deepen the textural and emotive impact of these large scale works.  As part of his process, Cunningham collected a series of audio interviews from family members and close friends of his brother that detail their experience of loss and the effect gun violence has had upon their lives:  The collective improvisation of the drum choir is their response to the calls of personal stories and accounts of these troubling events. 

 Jeremy Cunningham with his siblings Natasha and Andrew.

Jeremy Cunningham with his siblings Natasha and Andrew.

Mike Reed, Makaya McCraven, Jeremy Cunningham, and Mikel Patrick Avery. Sept, 2017.

This work was made possible by an Individual Artist Grant by Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.