Jeremy Cunningham

Jeremy Cunningham is a drummer, composer, and improviser living in Chicago, IL.  He plays drums.  Jazz, Music, Drum, Drummer.  Marquis Hill, Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson, Dave Miller.  Constellation, Andy's, Jazz Showcase.  Caroline Davis.  Uncanned Music

Chicago Jazz Festival

      I am honored and excited to announce that my quartet will perform at this year's Chicago Jazz Festival!  My aunt Cynthia moved to Chicago from our hometown of Cincinnati when I was 6 years old, and shortly after, my family began attending the Chicago Jazz Festival.  One of the concerts I remember most is Wayne Shorter performing his compositions arranged for a large ensemble of Chicago musicians.  I remember the colorful sounds that Wayne sent soaring into the air during his solos.  Sitting on the lawn in front of the Petrillo Band Shell with my family, I tried to soak in all the textures of sound.  

     The Chicago Jazz Festival has always been something I've looked forward to throughout the summer.  I hope you will join me and my fellow bandmates at this year's Fest!