Jeremy Cunningham

Jeremy Cunningham is a drummer, composer, and improviser living in Chicago, IL.  He plays drums.  Jazz, Music, Drum, Drummer.  Marquis Hill, Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson, Dave Miller.  Constellation, Andy's, Jazz Showcase.  Caroline Davis.  Uncanned Music

"Hike" debuts on Northern Spy Records

Big News! The first single from my forthcoming album The Weather Up There debuted last week on Northern Spy Records. Go stream “Hike,” on all the services!

Here’s some info:

Drummer and composer Jeremy Cunningham’s “Hike” is a psychedelic mood piece in three; heavily influenced by Brazilian percussion grooves, bossa nova, and one of his drum heroes, Chad Taylor. He wrote “Hike” while on a walk with daughter Penelope. “Penny was in her stroller enjoying the summer weather, and after a while I started thinking about how much my perception of time changed when my brother died. That’s the thing about loss: your life becomes fractured. I’ve tended to keep myself busy to avoid facing the tragedy of it all. And maybe that’s what this song is about: letting myself realize that my brother’s death is a part of my timeline, and I don’t have to break apart every time something reminds me of him. He certainly wouldn’t have wanted that.”


Written by Jeremy Cunningham
Arranged by Jeff Parker, Matt Ulery.

Josh Johnson: alto, Wurlitzer electric piano, Prophet 6 analog synth
Jeff Parker: electric guitar
Matt Ulery: electric bass guitar
Jeremy Cunningham: drums, percussion

Recorded by John McEntire at Shirk Studios in Chicago, IL
Mixed by Paul Bryan in Pacific Palisades, CA
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters in Los Angeles, CA